Fast, Healthy Hair Growth and Clearer Skin in 90 Days, Guaranteed!
Is your hair dry, brittle, dull, lifeless, thinning, breaking, or damaged? Is your skin irritated and filled with acne and breakouts? Transform your hair and skin in 90 days and continue to use Nzuri Elixir consistently for beautiful, healthy hair and skin; results you'll love and people will take notice of Grow Beautiful, Long, Healthy Hair Fast: Increases Hair Growth 150 to 200%! Also promotes cellular reproduction in skin for healthier brighter younger looking skin.
Shake well Take 1 fluid ounce with food (2 Tbsp. or 30 mL) daily with food, either directly or mix with juice. Refrigerate after opening. Thickens when refrigerated. * Daily value (DV) not established

3 Ways to Use Nzuri Elixir Liquid Hair Vitamin:


Nzuri Elixir Liquid Hair, Skin and Nail Formula – Drink 1 ounce Daily With Food – Over 61 Vitamins and Minerals that the hair is craving. End suffering from dry, dull, brittle, or slow growing hair. Taste great alone or in smoothies for Hair Growth Smoothies. Take with food.


Apply to Face For Glowing Skin – Get rid of acne, rash, and pimples by Applying Nzuri Elixir Vitamin nightly to entire face and neck with cotton ball, let soak in overnight. Give your face a vitamin infused night mask. Rinse off in a.m. and See results within a weeks! experience clear and soft and glow lovely looking skin.

Hair Growth Fertilizer - Add 4 Capful of Nzuri Elixir1 oz. Nzuri Hair Oil8 oz. Distilled Water in spray bottleSpray hair daily for Vitamin Infused Hair Growth Fertilizer SpritzerAdds Nourishment and Moisture to Hair.

NZURI ELIXIR- Liquid Hair, Skin & Nail Vitamin Formula 32 oz

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