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How To Boost Your Scalp & Hair Health Using These 6 Oils

Your scalp is the head of your hair journey. If it’s not functioning as it should be, then you will face some scalp issue which will affect your hair journey. Examples of these include dandruff, itchy scalp, psoriasis and much more. And as such, taking care of your scalp is imperative in your hair care regimen.

One of the best way to have a healthy scalp is by using OILS. Yes, we said it – OILS.

This may come off as a shock especially if you don’t like your scalp to feely oily or greasy. However, using oils provide a multitude of benefits to your scalp. The key is to use the right kinds, the right way and the right amounts. Essential oils should be used 3 to 12 drops with carrier oils. It is recommended to use carrier oils in size amounts comparable to a dime to nickel size at a time. Overuse of oils can actually enhance and cause scalp and hair issues. We like to use oils mixed in a deep conditioning treatment and then rinse out. Or you can add it as a pre-treatment before your shampoo process. We do not recommend over night treatments of these oils.

Here are 6 Oils to Give Your Natural Hair and Scalp A Boost.


When we say castor oil, we’re not just talking about the regular castor oil. We mean JAMAICAN BLACK CASTOR OIL. Yes, the dark brown oil that doesn’t have the very best smell. JBCO has been used for generations within the Caribbean community for health and hair benefits. The oil is extracted from roasted castor beans. Castor beans contain a toxic enzyme called ricin however during the heating/roasting process the enzyme is broken down, so it is safer to use. The “soot” that appears after roasting is what gives the castor oil the minerals needed to promote hair growth. Once applied, the oil will lubricate the scalp and hair shaft. This will not only promote hair growth but strengthen each strand. As well as, it is rich in fatty acids that are to condition the hair shaft. This allows it to be more flexible so it’s easier and healthier when styling.


Kukui Nut Oil is popularly used by the Hawaiian women for their hair and other beauty benefits. Similar to castor beans, the kukui nuts are roasted to extract the oil. The oil would be used on their hair, skin and face. As well as, it could be used to light candles and torches, so it was deemed the “candle nut tree”. The oil is rich in minerals that will penetrate the scalp and infiltrate itself there to encourage hair growth. In addition, it is rich in vitamin E which prevents free radicles from forming on the scalp which is known to cause scalp issues. As well as, the vitamin A will help to hydrate the hair strand as well repair the damaged layers.


Many of you may be aware of Amla Oil from our previous hair article [link here] as an ayurvedic herb. It can also be purchased in liquid form for easier use. Amla oil is rich in minerals that can penetrate the scalp to promote healthy hair growth. Also, it contains emollients to add shine and soften your hair strands. As well as, a protein needed to strengthen and improve the elasticity of your hair strands.


Now this may be the first you’re hearing of this type of oil. As well as, you may be surprised to know that it falls within the essential oils’ category. With this unique name, it does offer benefits to our scalp to encourage hair growth. Similarly, to most essential oils it is rich in properties that the scalp needs. These are the anti-septic, anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory. They penetrate the scalp and impart key minerals needed to soothe the scalp of inflammation. And inflamed scalp usually causes dandruff, psoriasis, itchy scalp, flakes, alopecia and so much more. It is an essential oil which means that it is potent so ensure to dilute it into a carrier oil.


Meadow foam seem oil is another unique oil as well that is not popular. Meadowfoam seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the meadowfoam tree. The seeds contains 30% of this mineral rich oil. It is similar to grapeseed oil and is widely used within the beauty industry, specifically haircare. However, it promotes healthy growth just like our favorite well known oils. It contains 98% long chain fatty acids and emollients which are able to coat the scalp. This aids in soothing the inflamed scalp so that it can produce sebum stop the formation of free radicals as well as promote healthy hair growth. Also, it aids in softening and strengthening the hair shaft.


And finally, is the Brazil Nut Oil. Based on the name, you can tell where the oil originates from. It also called Para Oil in that same region. Similarly, to most oils it is used in the beauty world for skin, nails, and hair. And has been picked up by popular brands as a selling “point” because of the multitude of benefits. It is rich in selenium which in a key mineral stat aid in cell regeneration. This allows new cells to be produced ever so often to scalp to absorb nutrients. As well as, the high antioxidants aid in stimulating the production of sebum needed to coat the scalp as well as nourish your new growth. Selenium is another essential mineral found in abundance in brazil nut hair oil, it helps in boosting hair growth.

Along with these 6 oils, there are many more oils for your natural hair within your favorite beauty supermarkets. You can use these oils to make your DIY Hair Growth or Scalp Health Oil. If the oils work together, then it will create an even more powerful mixture needed to promote growth.

What are you thoughts? What oils are your favorites?

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