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9 Herbs For Hair Loss & Hair Growth


Hair Loss is not an easy feat in life to go through.

It can be caused by medication, the stressors of life, health issues and so much more. This will affect our self-esteem greatly especially if you attach your worth to your hair. Or, when individuals saw you, they saw your beautiful hair. Now, if you are experiencing it, it’s not the end of the world. Luckily, there are different herbs within the market that YOU can add to your hair regimen to grow your hair.

Here are the TOP 9 HERBS:

1. CHEBE –

Chebe Powder made its debut within the natural hair market in 2015/2016.

The women of Chad, Africa utilized the herbs in their hair to prevent and reduce hair loss. We lose a lot of hair daily whether through shedding and/or breakage. The Chebe powders allow you to retain the hairs that you are losing frequently. And as such, a lot of users noticed less shedded and breakage strands on wash days. Also, it contains anti-inflammatory properties that will soothe and neutralize the PH balance of the scalp.


Fenugreek is another ayurvedic herb that is loved by all because of the hair growth benefits it offers. It is rich in protein and nicotinic acid content. Both of which are beneficial for the scalp as it prevents hair fall and dandruff. As well as treating scalp issues such as baldness, thinning, and dryness. Fenugreek (also called Methi) is a storehouse of minerals needed for healthy hair growth. Not only does it grow, but it will also bring back moisture, luster, and enhance the natural curl pattern of your hair.


Shikakai is rich in anti-fungal properties that aid in reducing scalp issues, specifically dandruff. It soothes the inflamed scalp to restore its health to an optimum PH balance. This will prevent your follicles from clogging, being destroyed by radicles, and aggravation which are causing you to lose hair. Also, it is a great source of antioxidants that will give your scalp the nutrients needed for it to flourish.


Brahmi is an ayurvedic herb that is rich in regenerative benefits for the scalp.

The herb contains alkaloids in which bind the protein to the hair shaft. Also, filling the gaps along your broken hair strands to produce thicker and stronger. As well as, as it is rich in vitamins b 1 through to 3, it strengthens the blood vessels to provide the scalp with oxygen and nutrients. This will encourage and stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss.


Amla oil is one of the most popular ayurvedic herbs commonly referred to as the Indian Gooseberry. The phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are present in the amla will aid in increasing blood circulation beneath the scalp. This will allow your hair to grow in a healthier state and faster. Also, amla contains collagen protein which aids in strengthening the hair shaft and boosting the natural volume of your hair.

6.NEEM -

Neem is a powerful herb that contributes to healthy hair growth. Neem oil is rich in “fatty acid” which is a good remedy for you suffering from hair loss, balding, and thinning. The fatty acids are rich in anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. This is great as it conditions the scalp to treat scalp issue that is causing hair loss and promoting healthy hair growth. Out of all the herbs mentioned in this blog post, the neem is not the best smelling one. However, it can be masked with the use of essential oils or any of the herbs on this list.


Bhringraj is another form of the ayurvedic herb used in Eastern Asian Countries. The herb is known to promote hair growth. Not only hair growth but healthy hair growth, Bhringraj is rich in vitamins B, D, and E. As well as, it strengthens the new (and old) hair growth. The herb contains calcium and iron which aids in thickening every hair strand. As well as, prevents dandruff which would be contributing to your hair loss as well.


You may be aware of the rosemary herb because it comes in the oil form.

It is a top seller as the rosemary aids in neutralizing the scalp’s PH Balance. If your scalp’s PH is imbalanced, it is the cause of many hair and scalp issues, including hair loss. The rosemary is rich in anti-microbial properties. These will penetrate the scalp to soothe it by allowing it to fight against or protect it from various radicles, microbes, bacteria, and various viruses.


Lemongrass works similarly to rosemary oil as they are in the “essential” oil/herb category. It aids in neutralizing the scalp as it is rich in antiviral and antibacterial properties. This is key to improve the scalp's health as it allows the scalp’s PH to stay in harmony. Therefore, the scalp will be able to function normally by producing hair. Not only will your hair grow, but sebum will be produced needed to hydrate and strengthen your new growth.

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