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This classic look speaks for itself. It screams classy, confident and sophisticated. Whether you are wearing  Palm-rolled Locs, Interlocks  or  Crochet Faux Locs the beauty remains the same. Product selection for locs are paramount to avoid thinning, breakage, product build up and dryness. Herbal extracts help stimulate hair growth and protect locs. Proper cleansing is a must. Locs should remain light and free flowing, not weighed down and over styled. Locs are such a beautiful, freedom style!

Sweet Curl Look 1​​

Express Yourself with a Wash & Go or Twist Out! This a style that all curly girls or guys must master. It allows you to use the right products to learn how your curls move.  You will  then create that necessary muscle memory of texture, movement and style. This will empower the curl within! Adding a little color can spice up any style. We use ammonia free color with bond/fiber protecting ingredients to ensure strong, soft curls after every color process.

Sweet Curls Look 2


"My stylist was great. I recommend her 100%.  She is professional and knowledgeable. She is also gentle and used natural products."

Tressa P.



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